GELI Founding Team

Annabella Peng

CEO & Founder

Tom Kosnik

PHD. MBA. Co-Founder

Maria Termanini

Marketing Manager

Bei Zhang

Product Designer


Intern Student, UC Irvive

Darlene Shields

Intern Student

Keyi Li

Chengdu Regional Director

GELI Teaching Team

Tiffany Parra

Intern Student, UC Irvive

Darlene Shields

Intern Student

GELI Advisors

Joy Tang

CEO of Markable. AI

Torsten Kolind

CEO of YouNoodle

Lena Ramfelt

Consulting Professor, Stanford

Kevin Smith

CEO of the Vault & SEEDCHANGE

Lily Chan

CEO of NUS Enterprise

Stephanie Zhan

Partner at Sequoia Capital

Charles Eesley

Associate Professor, Stanford

Helen Liang

Partner at FounderX Venture

Ben Sun

Founder of Angel Joy Investment

Poh Kam Wong

Professor, NUS Business School

Rebeca Hwang

Associate Professor, Stanford

Harald Quintus Bosz

CTO of Cooper Perkins

Lecture at MIT

Victoria Woo

Director, Harvard Business School

Lecture at Stanford


The Global Entrepreneurial  Leaders Institute

We encourage and support rising global leaders on the journey to pursue their passions and wildest dreams.

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