What GELI Alumni Say?


What Does Alumni Say?


Guy Kawasaki

Chief evangelist@ Canva, Brand ambassador @Mercedes-Benz

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"I have spoken at Tom’s classes for years, so I’ve seen the impact he has had on hundreds of students from all over the world. He has helped them truly understand the process of starting a company and has saved them countless hours and money because of his instruction. I am completely confident that GELI will be a great success, I strongly recommend that you work with Tom on this endeavor."


Elliott Ng

Director of Product Management, Content Creation & Search Tools @ Google

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“Pragmatic and useful in the real world:  A lot of academic subjects are not immediately useful to entrepreneurs and business managers.  For example, at HBS, I don’t recall a single other class I took other than Tom’s that emphasized the importance of selling and conveyed that selling is a learnable skill for everyone.  I recall Tom even had the class do some uncomfortable practice exercises selling to each other.  Tom has done other things as a business leader and entrepreneur in his career — and that’s helped his curriculum be more practical and useful.  The case method also helps put the learning into the context of a real-life situation.”


Shirish Andhare

Head of India Product and Growth @ Uber

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"Writing the Personal Business Plan is absolutely an awesome thing to do. I am class of 2000, one of the alum of IE269 course. Tom Kosnik opened our eyes and hearts and just showed us an entirely new universe."


Victoria Wu

Chief Strategy Officer @ Rakuten USA

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"Tom has been focused on helping his students and his clients to work effectively across the "triple chasms" of generation, gender and culture. Most people in today’s workforce face the challenge of how to best communicate, negotiate, innovate, sell, and lead diverse groups that include all genders, all ages, and different countries or ethnic groups. Tom has pioneered team teaching with female instructors in all of his courses at Stanford from 2005-2018. He also worked with and learns from strong, talented women in GELI and his venture capital firm. I took Tom’s class Global Entrepreneurial Marketing at Stanford when I was a master student in Management Science and Engineering. Tom guided me to write the Personal Business Plan. Tom’s patient mentoring, broad people network, and the Personal Business Plan exercise profoundly shaped my career and life."


Ben Sun

Managing Partner @ Angels Aditum Global Advisor

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"I have witnessed the rapid growth of GELI. Together we delivered multiple high-quality panel events and mentoring sessions in San Francisco for an audience of high school and young college students. I am deeply impressed by GELI founding team’s dedication to cultivate the next-generation entrepreneurs and equipping them with the right mentors, business and tech skills. Annabella Peng herself is a young aspiring entrepreneur who truly cares about the growth of younger generations."


Why Become a Mentor at GELI?


You value and enjoy investing in and working with Generation Z and young millennials

Expand Your Network

Join our mentor network and connect with our active 1000-member Global Leaders Entrepreneurs and Altruists Network (GLEAN) who are thought leaders and play executive roles in corporations big and small and who are founders and funders in the entrepreneurial community.


You are a firm believer in two-way mentorship and are respectful to young people’s ideas and opinions

Push Yourself

Learn to be a high quality mentor and practice people management, relationship building and interpersonal skills.


You are a reliable person who fulfill your time commitment to our students

Gain Fresh Perspectives 

Gain fresh and unique perspectives from our students who are global rising young leaders and are always willing to jump on their mentors’ projects and help!

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