Communicating across Triple Chasm:


About This Course

In much of your life, you will find yourself having to communicate with males and females of all ages from around the world. Effective communications is a skill practiced by great leaders, great negotiators, great sales people, and everyone who works with other people. It is sometimes more difficult to communicate with someone who is different from you, either because they are from a different generation, gender, or culture. We will give you three tools to help you effectively communicate across The Triple Chasms of Generation, Gender & Culture.


The first tool is the Circle of Value, from a best-selling book about negotiation, Fisher and Ury’s Getting to Yes. The second tool is Kosnik’s Dozen D’s, which are 12 ways you can choose from to respond to conflict you might encounter when you communicate with other people in your role as a student, global entrepreneurial leader, sales person or negotiator. The third tool is the Hofstede 5 D Model which includes five dimensions on which people’s behavior differs depending upon the country they are from, the 5 Ds are: Power Distance (PDI) Individualism (IDV) Masculinity (MAS) Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI)


This workshop provides you concepts and tools about creativity, innovation from Stanford Professor Tina and Tom Kelley, one of the leader in IDEO. 

Think For Your Career

You will develp a vision for where you want to be 10 years in the future,and a one-year action plan to get them started in your journey.

Evaluate Business Opportunities,

Test Business Model

Once  you have discovered what you believe to be a business opportunity, the workshop help to evaluate whether it is worth pursuing. 

Practice Leadership

Learn how to use a set of tools to manage team more effective. Help the future leaders to analyse the effectiveness of leadership styles in different situations.

Go Global/ 

Build Global Brand

A number of topics covered in the workshop  will inspire you to  build your brand. Including how to communicate, manage it, and measure a brand's value.

Build Your Network

Identify your goals, key stakeholders, how to build trust, how to identify” trust gaps”, and how to get feedback to allow you close the gap and rebuild trust.

Distribute Your Products

Takeing the GEM ( Global Entrepreneurial Marketing) course at Stanford, it will guide you for direct sales, managing partnerships to sell solutions to enterprises.


Learn to negotiate across the triple chasms of generation, gender, and culture

Reality Check

Identify the major risks in growing a new venture and plan to how to prevent the risks or develop contingency plans in case they occur.

Social Entrepreneurship

Build your business with a triple bottom line: profits for investors, social impact for the people around you, and environmental impact to protect the planet.


The Global Entrepreneurial  Leaders Institute

We encourage and support rising global leaders on the journey to pursue their passions and wildest dreams.

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