GYEL Program at FIVE inspiring campuses

San Francisco Bay Area &

Pan Asia ( Shanghai, Chengdu, Bangkok, Singapore)

GYEL is Growing Young Entrepreneurs Launchpad. Learn, work, explore, and bridge different cultures around the world through GYEL!

Why Choose

Growing Young Entrepreneurs Launchpad (GYEL) ?

What is (GYEL) ?

  • An offline 1-2 week program for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

  • Offered in San Francisco Bay Area, Shanghai, Chengdu, Bangkok and Singapore

  • GYEL is led by professors who have taught at Harvard University, Stanford University , and National University of Singapore (NUS), serial entrepreneurs, VCs, and industry leaders

  • GYEL students write a Personal Business Plan to express their career/ life strategy

  • GYEL students are paired with mentors based on their interests and preferences

  • GYEL students learn how the startup eco-system works in Silicon Valley and connects to China and ASEAN 

  • GYEL students learn how to lead a team to start, pitch, and grow their ventures

  • GYEL students join an alumni network of people from around the world. 

  • Top GYEL students earn recommendation letters from the mentors and teaching team

What do GYEL Students Learn


San Francisco has been the epicenter of entrepreneurship in California since the Gold Rush in 1849. It has continuously innovated into 21st century, attracting amazing startups to settle here. Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Twitter have offices within a few blocks of each other. GYEL students will experience the entrepreneurial culture these great companies and thousands of startups have created.

Founder Friendly Environment

More and more start-ups are choosing to set up headquarters in San Francisco. The city is home to some of the largest and most dynamic companies in the world, companies at the very leading edge of the global economy. By just walking around the city, you are bound to see famous high tech entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists

World-class Innovation Hub

Our courses are delivered in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district at the Vault, a world-class innovation and acceleration hub, which used to be Ghiradelli Coffee Factory in the 19th century, few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge/ Park. 

Diverse Culture

San Francisco is growing rapidly, a wonderful and eclectic place filled with people from around the world. Newcomers bring something different to the table, and adapt the new ventures to enter the U.S. market or expand abroad.


The Global Entrepreneurial  Leaders Institute

We encourage and support rising global leaders on the journey to pursue their passions and wildest dreams.

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