Prepare For the workplace of the future

At GELI Program, You can develop a personal business plan and learn go-to-market strategy. Get real-world business/ startup experience to explore career possibilities and areas of interests.

Immersive Internship Projects Programs 

Students will get hands-on, cross-culture, team based, learning projects with a variety of new ventures. All the team-based real-world business projects for startups are uniquely designed for each and every student's areas of interest.

The No.1 Startup Evaluation Platform

AI-Powered Mentorship& Employee Engagement

Invest in Companies in Women-led Markets

The Vault, Leading Full Stack Innovation System

Your Global Startup and Entrepreneurship Online TV Channel

Technology Development and Engineering with Founding Team from MIT and Stanford

Social Media Advertising Agency

Teen Insights and Feedbak

Entrepreneurship Education Bootcamp for Students and Future Entrepreneutship

VC Focus on Robotics/ Drones, Edtech and Fintech

We Are An Entrepreneurial Accelerator

The Startup Experience is here to train the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Participants develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and acquire the necessary skills to build scalable startups that solve real problems.

YouNoodle is the technology engine behind hundreds of competitive startup programs around the world, giving the world a unique picture of the global startup ecosystem. Students will  get opportunities to connect with top startups within your industry and engages them in your brand or technology.

The Vault is a full stack innovation ecosystem and global network of startup accelerators and collaborative workspaces.

We Are Venture Investors

We invest in companies in women-led markets where female usage, decision-making, and purchasing are crucial to company growth. We back both male and female founders.

FoundersX is an early stage venture firm established in 2016, with heavy focus on AI, big data, smart robotics & drones, autonomous driving, cybersecurity, EdTech, FinTech and interactive media.

We Focus on AI

Lead has a dual mission to change the way companies promote and retain their employees in a data-driven way of utilizing AI; it increases employee happiness through self-development, and project-based mentor matching.

We Connect Businesses With Teens

The Ambassadors connects you with teens who can provide key insights, feedback, and suggestions. Tailoring our process to your specific needs, Ambassadors integrate your product or idea into their lives, resulting in the most honest and raw ideas and opinions.

Here at Millennial, our team uses our unique market insight of millennials and gen zenennials to advertise to this primary demographic. We not only influence large volumes of views, but understand your target market needs and place promotions into legitimate prospective consumers, which translates into sales.

We Concentrate On Entertainment

We are a San Francisco / Silicon Valley-based TV Channel featuring tech entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems across the globe.

Want to dip your toe into the startup community?Want to reach out to the world of entrepreneurship? COME AND JOIN US!

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We Expertize in Tech based Engineering

Cooper Perkins specializes in designing highly integrated, electromechanical systems. Our disciplined approach to technology development and product engineering leads to innovative solutions to our clients’ most vexing problems.


The Global Entrepreneurial  Leaders Institute

We encourage and support rising global leaders on the journey to pursue their passions and wildest dreams.

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