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1 Month/ 8 Classes

Investment, Realistic, Business Management, Computer Science, Language, Immigration Consulting, Engineering


Sample Class for Live Class

10 Samples

1. Global Entrepreneurial Marketing

- First designed and taught by Professor Tom Kosnik at Stanford University in1998.

2. The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

- Designed and taught by Ravi Belani, along with other co-lecturers each quarter.

3. Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

- Designed and taught by Adjunct Professor Tom Kosnik at Stanford University and Professor Lena Ramfelt of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) from 2002-2006.

4. Global Entrepreneurial Leadership

Designed and taught by Professor Tom Kosnik at Stanford University.

5. New Venture Creation

- First designed and taught by Professor Wong Poh Kam at the National University of Singapore in 2002.

6. Circles of Influence

- Lena Ramfelt and Tom Kosnik first developed the framework for Circles of Influence in 1998.

7. Gearing Up to Go Global

- Designed for teams from one or more companies to work on a "real-time case study".

8. Innovation for Large Corporations

- Based in part on work by Professor Robert Burgelman at Stanford.

9. Distributing Your Product: Direct Sales

- This workshop is taken from the Global Entrepreneurial Marketing (GEM) course at Stanford.

10. Incubators and Accelerators


Why Choose GELI Live Class?

1. Flexible Curriculum & Small Class (25 Cap)

2. Ivy League Teaching Staff and Silicon Valley Top Leaders

3. Wide Offerings (A List of 100 courses in Creativity, Design Thinking, and Entrepeneurialship)

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